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  • Xylitol Club

    Xylitol Club
  • Mushroom Kitchen

    Mushroom Kitchen

    Welcome to the world famous mushroom cuisine restaurant! An award-winning restaurant offering ultimate mushroom delicacies! Le champignon magazine calls their food “A work of art!” Mushroom Kitchen is open 7 days a week. Comfortable seating in a playful setting on Fungus Street at Kinoko garden in International Food District. Please enjoy our menu! Spicy Tengutake […]

  • You drive me oh oh oh

    You drive me oh oh oh

    You drive me oh oh oh by Juicy Panic Music video for the Japanese French duo Juicy Panic. (Mami chan & Norman Bambi) From the CD “Otarie” Credits: Director: Koshiro Torisu Artist: Juicy Panic Label: InPolySons Special thanks: Yo chan Links: Juicy Panic – Otarie CD Juicy Panic – Edelweiss Müller DVD-Maxi

  • Chooby


    Chooby by Dim Dim Music video for Dim Dim from the CD “Bounce” Credits: Director: Koshiro Torisu Artist: Dim Dim Label: Audio Dregs Recordings Links: Dim Dim – Bounce CD Audio Dregs Recordings

  • Eurostar


    Eurostar by boum! Music video for the French-British band boum. Credits: Director: Koshiro Torisu Artist: boum! Special thanks: Gilles chan

  • Special Agent Ume chan

    Special Agent Ume chan

    His name is Umetaro Suzuki. Everybody calls him Ume-chan as a code name. Ume-chan’s mission is helping people in trouble together with his best buddy Leonardo. 鈴木梅太郎ことウメちゃん、そして彼の相棒レオナルドが困ったあなたの仕事引き受けます。 Ume-chan is a fifth grade student studying at Fujiyama elementary school. He is a normal student when he studies in a class, but after Ume-chan finishes all of […]

  • Future Clinic

    Future Clinic

    We welcome all of you to be hospitalized at the Future Clinic. Are you scared by big shots. But don’t worry we don’t use such ancient times implements. Our motto is no sweat, no blood! Furthermore, we have latest medical equipment for your convenient stay while you are in clinic. We hope we will see […]

  • Short Animation

    Short Animation

    A series of experimental short animation.