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  • Dazaifu

  • Fukuoka


    Just moved in Fukuoka, Kyushu where the southern part of Japan. People are nice. food is great! living cost is much cheaper than Tokyo proper. love Fukuoka so far! 九州の福岡に引っ越しました。8月に1週間位下見を兼ねて旅行に来たら良い感じだったので思い切ってしばらく住んで見る事にしました。物価(家賃とか)が安くて、食べ物は美味しいし、人も温かいです。福岡いい所だなあ〜

  • Japan


    [su_slider source=”media: 3171,3191,3192,3163,3164,3165,3175,3176,3162,3172,3177,3179,3181,3182,3183,3184,3185,3186,3187,3188,3190,3193,3195,3197,3198,3199,3200,3201,3202,3203,3204,3205,3206,3207,3208,3209,3210,3211,3214,3215,3216,3217,3218,3219,3222,3220,3221,3223,3224,3225″ limit=”60″ width=”1200″ height=”800″ title=”no” pages=”no”] Just back in Japan last week. Thanks so much Vancouver! I really enjoyed staying in the multicultural environment. Thank you buddies for hung out with me and I really appreciate people organizing meetups and art events and so on. Things I’ve done and experienced there made my […]

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge

    Capilano Suspension Bridge
  • Grouse Mountain

    Grouse Mountain
  • Richmond Night Market

    Richmond Night Market
  • Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf

    Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Downtown Vancouver

    Downtown Vancouver
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada

    FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada


  • Project Van

    Project Van

    I’ll be off to Vancouver, Canada tomorrow. Vancouver is known as outdoor and great nature but some people say that Van city is going to be the next big thing for Art. I’m thinking to stay there for 6 months to check out what people are actually doing over there. Going back to north west […]

  • Kawagoe


    川越に住んでいながらめったに行かない蔵造りの町並みが残る旧市街地に行ってきました。 I was born in Tokyo but moved to Kawagoe, Saitama when i was 6 and place is like this.