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  • Koshiro Torisu + autophene

    Koshiro Torisu + autophene

    torisukoshiro + autophene 04th – 24th Septembre 2003 The exhibition will be a part of the ‘les Rendez-vous Electroniques’ music festival organaized by Technopol There will be free beer supported by Japanese Beer brand Kirin and our good friend “J.Sachs” will play music for the opening! If you would have time please come visit us!! […]

  • Sous La Plage

    Sous La Plage

    Sous La Plage 31 Aug 2003 14:00 – 20:00 Parc Andre Citroen quai Andre Citroen Paris 15eme

  • Alternatif Chronometer

    Alternatif Chronometer

    Alternatif Chronometer/ NON-STOP-GAME Technological City July 5th to August 10th 2003 This group exhibition is the fourth part of a global group exhibition called Alternatif Chronometer/ NON-STOP-GAME, which started in April the 24 and will be closed the 20th of September (with a great finish). This part called “Technological city” is a contemporain view of […]